You can toss out those tedious spreadsheets and say goodbye to cash-flow chaos. A wireless Internet service provider (WISP) is an Internet service provider with a network based on wireless networking. Sonar changes the way you view your customers. That means you can embed it to your site, run it as a standalone application, or customize it however you want to make it work right for you. YOUR PRIVACY MATTERS You’ll be safe knowing that we don’t sell your data to anyone. Sonar can track any SNMP-based statistics on a rapid 60-second polling cycle, from latency to jitter stats. Whether you need to connect the Internet from home or on-the-go, wireless Internet technology will connect you. It's basically everything they could ever want, all in one place. We also speed up ticket response, thanks to support for custom signatures, canned replies, custom filters, and more. With a simple radio scan, provisioning takes place quietly in the background, saving an average of 15 minutes per install. The Sonar portal is where the magic happens. What’s more, customer signatures can be collected digitally – making contracts faster, easier, and greener. Nope. Call logs can be escalated to tickets, and tickets can be linked to service calls for swift resolution. The flexible software offers support for multi-month billing, automatic proration, geographical taxation, and more. To make life even easier, Sonar integrates with numerous external services. Fingertip access to data in-the-field lets technicians service both new installs and existing problems with unprecedented efficiency. Tracking your inventory is simple with Sonar. Sonar’s embedded Business Intelligence (BI) reporting gives you data-driven intelligence at your fingertips, providing an accurate and holistic view of your business. Sonar’s razor sharp billing accuracy puts you back in control of your business. Our CRM supports integrated electronic contracts. Want to hear the best bit? Simply define the events you want to trigger, such as adding an installation fee, activating the account, generating an invoice. Managing a growing WISP has its complications. By keeping all your data in one place, we’ll eliminate hours of manual labor. Really, the list goes on…. See all your infrastructure, inventory locations, and your vehicle fleet, all on one screen. With Sonar’s automated provisioning, your technicians can get the job done fast. And you can wave goodbye to printed work orders. Sonar changes the way you view your customers. From the monitoring dashboard, you can track events, see flapping devices, respond to outages, and plenty more. Define as many attributes per item as you like – MAC addresses, serial numbers, IMSIs, and more. Define as many attributes per item as you like – MAC addresses, serial numbers, IMSIs, and more. We also offer a selection of webhooks, meaning you can trigger external systems based on events inside Sonar. At Sonar, we knew the majority of ISPs were heavily dependent on archaic software as there were few modern solutions that understood the complexities of running a successful and fully scalable ISP. To keep you up to speed, Sonar automatically notifies you of expiring contracts, and allows you to carry out reports from within the administrative interface. Customer service is also revolutionized – with the ability to sort through vital data such as names, MAC addresses, IP addresses, and tickets, all in real time. What is a WISP or Wireless Internet Service Provider? Finally, it’s time to focus on the things that matter, like growing your business. 3G/4G and WISP are two different technology to connect computers, smartphones, tablets or any device wirelessly and access Internet anywhere. We’re not just getting your billing done. With our software, you can sort customer data in whatever way you choose: by service, by status, by type – however you want. The GraphQL interface empowers you to integrate external systems at will. As you’d expect, the portal is equally happy operating on desktop, smart phones, or tablet devices. Most important, the module scales with ease. So why wait for problems to mount up? Our in-depth financial reporting tool provides key info and analysis at a glance. Thanks to full integration, once field work is complete, Sonar takes over. So your customers can check-in from anywhere. That’s why we’ve created the Sonar API, to ensure that our product can grow alongside you. The Sonar platform makes light work of ticketing – making it both easier, and more effective. What does this mean for your business? All the power you need, backed by proper accounting practices. Here’s one your customers will enjoy as much as you will. Our API isn’t an afterthought. Our mapping module helps you visualize your entire network with ease. Monitor items as they move from the warehouse to an installation vehicle, to the customer premise, or even out for RMA. Experience intelligent automation, better billing software, and faster WISP provisioning. For example: emails can be automatically triggered for certain subsets – saving you significant man-hours, while still making each user’s experience feel personal. The dynamic mapping module updates automatically, constantly scanning to keep you up-to-date. The inventory module is optimized for use with barcode scanners, to make scanning items in and out a breeze. And it feeds all this info live and direct to your support team’s dashboard. That means customers can review all their documentation through the easy-to-use Sonar portal. The Sonar CRM keeps support staff in the loop 24/7. Meanwhile, patched-together legacy systems make it hard to identify the root cause of dwindling profits. That way, deploying equipment can automatically trigger provisioning events and set-up automated monitoring of latency, packet loss, bandwidth usage, and more…. All tasks can be completed from a smart phone, laptop, or tablet. Sonar is designed to help wireless internet providers grow their network. That means you can add automated taxation, automatically send out invoices to customers, and even use your chosen payment processor. The flexible software offers support for multi-month billing, automatic proration, geographical taxation, and more. You really are more in control than ever. That means customers can review all their documentation through the easy-to-use Sonar portal. To remain competitive and survive in today’s rapidly changing business environment, ISPs must be able to quickly respond and adapt to changes in their business. The Sonar platform assigns IPs automatically, and relays key info to installers in real time. Third party integration completes the package. Learn how you can get hi-speed internet now. Or add as many variables as you want to customize it to your needs. With full support for a variety of standards - based options like RADIUS and DHCP, and direct integration with all the leading vendors, Sonar allows you to provision your network in the way that makes sense for you. With intelligent automation, we’ll help you solve problems before they even arise. Manual provisioning can be a slow, error-prone, and laborious process. The Sonar billing engine is one of our best-loved features. Partnering to make business simple. Our monitoring solution also extends to your network, giving you the power to control everything centrally. Define thresholds, set-up on-call rotations for staff, and send out notifications of events via email and SMS. Meanwhile, office staff have the ability to track technicians, see the status of jobs, and schedule new work. Here, customers can review invoices and payments, keep an eye on their usage, open tickets, and plenty more. Inventory items can also be associated with a contact or address, making it simple for support staff to keep an eye on things. The software is equally adept at tracking the locations of equipment and customers. And it isn’t just for networks. Slow or intermittent service brings the wrath of angry customers, piling up support calls and tickets. Let’s build a more proactive network. The Sonar platform is designed to help WISPs grow and maintain a healthy network. Very quickly, revenue starts to fall through the cracks. We know that businesses’ needs change as they grow. All the power you need, backed by proper accounting practices. Providing Hi-Speed Internet Service Where Others Have Failed. Sound like a lot of work? Fixed wireless internet service providers (WISPs) deliver reliable, affordable broadband to customers in fixed locations such as residences, businesses, and schools. With BI, you can make intelligent business decisions that lead to opportunity and reduce churn. Optimized for use in the field, our scheduling system is all about empowering your staff. Call logs can be escalated to tickets, and tickets can be linked to service calls for swift resolution. Our API allows you to sculpt Sonar to fit your needs. Welcome to the beginning of a new era for customer experience.


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