Peer-review under responsibility of Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. In assessing a report of research, it is always helpful to be able to see clearly how the reported work builds upon previous work. Seminar in Graduate Environment Sciences, Carolina Joana da Silva Great article – congratulations! How can I be sure that my research question will provide knowledge relevant for society? Policy-makers are under pressure and have to solve crises, so what interests them is whether research findings can be implemented or not,” said Dr. Shimshon Shoshani , former director-general of the Ministry of Education. According to Shoshani: “All research is conducted within the context of the researcher’s value system and ideology… During the first two decades of Israel’s existence there was a general consensus regarding ideology. In fact, policy implementation has been in many of our transdisciplinary research projects essential: once a policy has been decided it remains still to be enforced, implemented, supported, etc. Ten reflective steps for rendering research societally relevant. Thanks Graeme for your comment. You can ensure that it does by reading extensively on your topic and identifying what hasn’t been investigated yet. Careers. What techniques have you used to plan, and reflect on, making your research socially relevant? Something within the researcher herself, her training, her values orientation, the way she looks at reality. For example, a policy recommendation is of greater interest, when the policy is drafted, than when it’s just implemented. We start from the premise that context is not static but rather dynamic, that means, it is constructed, built during a transdisciplinary research project. Ha’aretz correspondent on education and social affairs, believes that “relevant research addresses problems that concern us all… but in a way that changes reality, rather than simply embracing it.” Kashti also spoke about the nature of the relationship between the establishment and academia. Can you explain if specific methods are used to address this step? A researcher might face a number of questions (s)he was not necessarily trained to address, such as: How can I be sure that my research question will provide knowledge relevant for society? You are indeed right that timing is essential. Thanks for sharing your framework for helping researchers to be more systematic in their thinking about co-production of knowledge. Biography: Christian Pohl is co-director of the Transdisciplinarity Lab of the Department of Environmental Systems Science (USYS TdLab) at ETH Zurich. Policy-makers are under pressure and have to solve crises, so what interests them is whether research findings can be implemented or not,” said “From the perspective of policy-makers, research is relevant if it influences practice., Steps to make your research more relevant | Learning Research Methods,,,, Systems transdisciplinarity as a metadiscipline. Here are three basic criteria: The source must be credible. Yet it depends on the kind of policy recommendation you are thinking of: they can address both questions of policy design but as well of policy implementation. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. Making academic research more relevant: A few suggestions. This means that your research should fill a gap in the existing scientific knowledge. One way to find a relevant topic is to look at the recommendations for follow-up studies that are made in existing scientific articles. What characterizes leaders who are members of minorities? Dr. Shimshon Shoshani, former director-general of the Ministry of Education. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! “Educators in the Middle: Between Academia and the Field,” explored the questions of how to make academic research more relevant for practitioners and how best to bridge the gap between academia and practice. It’s important to start thinking about who the relevant researcher is. On the subject of context see also the terrific work done by Leandro Echt and Venesa Weyrauch, described briefly in their blog post : Going beyond ‘context matters’: a lens to bridge knowledge and policy However, be s… However, that’s only my 2 cents, I was a pleasure to read through! To find out more: Who is the researcher who is able to consider the meaning of his actions, the aims of his research?” said Indeed , it is helpful if there are references to bodies of research and knowledge outside our own “domain”, since … Pohl, C., Krütli, P. and Stauffacher, M. (2017). “This is an issue that has to do with academic freedom, and of course it is also a political issue. The Platforms address fundamental subjects with great consequences for life in Israel and for Israeli society: education and community; economy and society; the army and the state; and the ultra-Orthodox community. Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research often aims at broader impact in society. Online (DOI): (open access). His research interest is the theory and practice of transdisciplinary research as a means for sustainable development. and it is here where td research can still make valuable contributions! Addressing the interaction between science and governance framework represent a challenging and necessary task to allow scientific insights can operate effectively in the complex decision-making context. We have expanded on each of these artistries and how they might be at work in a particular social context. | Representatives of the National Council of Mission-Driven Communities explored the goals, ideological characteristics, and influence of mission-driven communities >>, A Mandel Platform (Bimat Mandel) event featuring director and screenwriter David Deri and journalist Dr. Avishay Ben Haim >>, The event explored questions relating to minority-majority relations. Site Map You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. He completed his habilitation at the University of Bern. It’s important that you also find the research topic stimulating. ​The recent Bimat ​Mandel (Mandel Platform) event, Some are already implementing solutions and others still question there is a problem at all. >>, Log In To see all blog posts from the partnership with the journal GAIA: I can see your vast experience on transdisciplinary research speaking here. This reflection helps to clarify what group of people you want to involve in your project, and how they currently perceive what for you is a societal problem. “From the perspective of policy-makers, research is relevant if it influences practice. His research interests are procedural and distributive justice, methods and practice of transdisciplinary (research) processes, and social sustainability. Congratulations, excellent article! For the last 30 years, no such consensus has existed.”, Or Kashti, journalist and


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