Seo Jin han kwon hyunbin Refresh and try again. And what about that cute boy she likes? I don't like thinking about how good someone looks all that much. MOON GAYOUNG is perfect fr this drama as well as cha eun woo.Cant wait to see there chemistry.very excited. A high school girl who turned into a popular 'goddess' thanks to her makeup skills.

Trust me. Who does Juyeong end up with? y do i feel like Jisoo - BlackPink fits more to the girl main character than the Moon GaYoung? Don't believe what you see on social media. Please what are you thinking isn’t good! Eunwoo and Ga Young are both excellent, they fit the role so much, so let us… Read more », They are not allowed to do drama because they are too famous to be together, You are very stupid stop saying nonsense and respect the cast you are a big fool if you really want to watch them ask them your self and stop this nonsense asshole.

The story seems super surface level at the start but actually touches on some deeper/heavier themes such as family/money problems, self esteem/worth etc which is a great refresher from some more shallow romance stories.

I didn't liked it as suho was supposed to be her real soulmate. Would pay to see it. True beauty (Liskook) fanfic by Łïśkôôk. After binge-watching beauty videos online, a shy comic book fan masters the art of makeup and sees her social standing skyrocket as she becomes her school’s prettiest pretty girl overnight. i prefer lee jae wook as han seo-jun but he has already an upcoming drama!!! Moon is an amazing actress, please support her and the current cast! But come on, do you think that will happen?

View all (43) Reviews. Lalisa manoban, the new girl who is really rich and from Thailand...fell in love with jeon jungkook the playboy, when they start dating and jungkook cheats on Lisa... th... truebeauty… characters are shallow. :( edit: it has gotten worse. Soo, I’m definitely glad I came across this one. Lim Joo Gyung. This is my first try of something like that . Alice Oseman Recommends Her Favorite YA Graphic Novels. I lost interest in this comic because of the author removed suho from her life and made seojun the main character or the lead character with whom she ends up? 7?????? Looking forward for this... For me Jisoo is a PERFECT fit for the main lead girl. I enjoyed the read and actually flew through it . Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of. Marie Claire / "True Beauty" webtoon / KEYEAST. But I wish it was jisoo of black pink as the female lead, The characters are not not that beauty.. Free .

PEOPLE! True Beauty starts out okay. But trust me , Moon ga young is also a very good actress and she can do it as Jugyeong . How long can she keep her “real self” a secret?

The duality of Lee Jaewook. 50%-50% your fav idol will cast in this or not.

I don't want to get spoiled by these scenes. "True Beauty" webtoon has fans all across the globe and they are eagerly waiting for this drama. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. i personally think Moon Gayoung would fit (not entirely) more than Jisoo definitely. Also they are making a Korean drama about this comic if you wanna watch it. Lol la foto de moon ga young al principio ? But so many people really want her to be Jugyeong. He is quite handsome and also a good actor, I know looks are subjective but I mean he is definitely handsome. :( But the moral is good which is that "Staying in your true self is more better than wearing makeup or lipstick". Okay :) thanks for coming to my Ted talk, 4/5 stars (edit: I changed it to 4.5 stars because I just saw that my average rating was 2.77!!

Ki Aiden jaemin. But she isn't even allowed to act because of YG, which sucks. They are all stupid jerks. But will her elite status be short lived? I really enjoyed this series, it was hilarious and entertaining but had a lot of amazing points for girls to take to heart in it, as well.

That's another thing.

Sua kang mina

Had to just add it :D, I.Kept.Forgetting.To.Update.These. Where to Watch True Beauty. Once you became free from the lies and the hiding of yourself, then life becomes vibrant again" by Ziggy Marley. Jugyeong has an angelic-innocent face. And what about that cute boy who knows her secret? (According to the webtoon) He is an idol trainee from a multi-cultural family. They become close friends when JuGyeong transferred school. I’m a sucker for some romance and this totes has that. She will be great. She wonders how she can be this unlucky. I love him for that. Aiden i think Beomgyu from txt would be the perfect choice, I was thinking Hueningkai but he might be too shy rn to play the role, I really appreciate the male lead. Furthermore, the character seemingly does not work hard at all in school. That girl has an inhumane thigh gap, which okay, if that's your style, then rock it, but if she is seriously going to look like she have a good amount of healthy fat on her without make up, and then a thigh gap and a thin waist with make up, that seems unrealistic, and is frankly selling an incorrect image on make up. Y'all stop favor your idols. I hope so I wanna see it so badly. Even if he looks cold on the outside, he is actually kind-hearted and gets shy easily.

Lee Jae Wook (extraordinary you, memories of alhambra, search www) as Seo jun!!! Caught up to ep96. How long can she keep her real self a secret? Welcome to the True Beauty Wiki! He previously acted in the web drama "WHY" and appeared in "Tale of Nokdu" and "18 Again". Suho or Seojun? True Beauty starts out okay. Lim Hee Gyung [Joo Gyung's sister] Support Role. i think that she should just decide who to be with because she starts out by liking suho. he will be perfect, I would love the drama with cha eunwoo and moon gayoung as the lead...please have them as the LEAD PlS, I mean hyun bin is just perfect for seojun. It is one of the numerous adaptations of webtoon into drama in 2020.

please , I'd love to see Cha Eun Woo and Jisoo pairing for this drama, I was also wishing these two to be the main roles. No hate but Jisoo fits mostly perfect in it. she's beautiful and talented..and she rarely gets the main character in her dramas:( She deserves more spotlight✨. hihi, honestly, jisoo (blackpink) or naeun (april) would have been excellent for the female lead. Here are the actors and their characters. She messes her make up in the beginning, but she quickly … If she isn’t a good actress how did she get a lead role in ‘Snowdrop’? Btw I'm from the Philippines keep safe y'all.

Park YooNa ("My ID is Gangnam Beauty", "SKY Castle", "Hotel del Luna"), Im SeMi ("Shopping King Louie", "When the Weather Is Fine"), and Kang MinAh ("A-Teen 2") confirmed. I am very curious. We’d love your help. Well I think Blackpink's Rosie will suit the role of selly or selena...At first glance I remembered her. She deceives everyone she knows, as her friends don't even know what she really looks like! Eun woo ? Main Role. SuJin is the original goddess of Saebom High School who has good looks and intelligence. ?❤️, I vote Hwang Hyun-jin of Stray Kids to act as Seojun. But then, the main character develops this horrible cycle of self doubt, which she then has to be reassured by a hot guy, but then there no way a hot guy could like her, so she get's even more insecure! Only to find out that everything are still in talks. Yaongyi Instagram / "True Beauty" Webtoon. This role suits him very well-- cold & badass at first but sweet & caring at the end. Extraordinary you reunion. Welcome back. Suho loved her so much and she forgot him in just 3 years I'm done with this...suho saw her first and he fell for her even with her flaws. i'm an army and blink but not everything is about them ,,, Cha eun woo of astro is better, I think. She is intelligent, polite, and well educated. Also I hope they choose actors based on skills bc as much as a love eunwoo and he looks like suho, most of eunwoos roles have been men who don’t show too much emotion so it’s hard to tell whether he’s a good actor or not (I’m a fan lol don’t come for me)! This was soo relatable.. oh, the power of make up lol. People treated her badly so she started to wear makeup. Yes yes moon ka young will surely suit for this role. STOP SAYING THAT ANOTHER ACTOR OR ACTRESS WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER FOR THE SHOW! Moon Ga Young. Many in and out of Korea are in love with the story, a girl that turns into a goddess thanks to … I swear to god if anything hurts my Seojun/ Jugyeong ship I'm gonna flip tables!!! right i wish Jugyeong was more average or didn't fit beauty standards like this girl is conventionally pretty. My hearteuu~~, Eunwoo is a rookie in acting I agree that but he gives his best in performing all the activities..And CHA EUNWOO is perfect for the role for me, Stop saying nonsense and respect the cast, ⚠️ATTENTION: BTS’ KIM SEOKJIN AND BLACKPINK’S KIM JISOO SHOULD HAVE THE LEAD ROLES⚠️, They both have busy schedules. At the difference of her younger sister JuGyeong, she is gorgeous and graduated from a prestigious university. I wish jisoo will be there and bts jin.. why they are not the one. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. why so? moon gayoung is pretty but we're all talking about the goddess and i'm sure jisoo will do her best for this drama. As most of them were romance between..., I just vote two stars.

But for now, let us just appreciate their decision and let see how this drama goes. I personally would like April’s Naeun as JuGyeong instead :(. I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be English but hopefully they’ll have English subtitles which I would be totally fine with bc I love this webtoon❤️❤️❤️. ok bye. Seujin (idk if I spelled his name right...what is wrong with me) and Suho and Juhyung deserve the world and I wish utmost happiness for them all. We hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have something you think could contribute to the wiki, feel free to edit or make a new page.

Moon GaYoung was cast as the lead female role. Come in if you want to see a review of true beauty~! I prefer for Blackpink Jisoo as Lim jugyeong and she's so perferct for Cha eun woo as her leading lady! I liked the drawing style. (ー ー;). :0000000, preteens, teens, those that like meme culture, romcoms. I admired them, they had a perferct chemistry haha to cast True Beuty im so excited. Cast & Credits. so pls vote for jisoo, this is a great opportunity. 2018.

Which in this case I understand because the person in question was a womanizer who was clearly overstepping his boundaries and deserved a whop in the face but the girls generalized all "ugly" people who are confident in that category which is bullshit. After seeing the series " Find me in your memory" . He receives the attention of everyone but is interested in no one. Anyway I will be excitedly waiting for him if he finally be Suho. I feel like she can act a girl like funny, sweet, charming just like Jugyeong. Thank God it's Astro cha eun woo. Main Role. Jisoo is the female lead in Snowdrop. Eunwoo <3 I hope you accept this is the best role for you. Lol, i know that GaYoung will do a really good job as JuGyeong and hopefully she accepts the rome, kim minjoo should be jugyeong (tho moon is a great actress and im not hating on her), I don't know why I see Kim Minjoo from the girl in this webtoon. Im Se Mi. "True Beauty" is one of the most looked forward webtoon adaptation to drama this year. Might sound a bit over the top materialistic and fictional but boy, this is the real webtoon deal, Beautiful art, especially Suho and Seojun, True Beauty starts out okay. Hwang In Yeop. Fans are waiting for his new acting project. Can we have Kim Jaehyun from N.flying play as Aiden ? He will be back to the small screen with another webtoon adaptation. Feat. I haven't read the webtoon as i got to know about this drama. It tells the growth story of a girl that turns into a goddess thanks to makeup skills. I could not take myself away from the story.

Eunwoo is perfect for this role.


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