Successful examples of the use of trademarks to market and develop the business of sport include the NBA (National Basketball Association) in the United States and Manchester United football club in the United Kingdom. Though, sport is to some extent primitive in the way that ‘winning matters’ and Nike recently applied the slogan ‘winning takes care of everything’ in relation to its endorsement deal with Tiger Woods. Sports E.J. Journal of Historical Research in Marketing, 4(4), pp. Trademarks are protected by entry on a national trademark register. In other words, the sport entity must grow a strong society around the brand. Recently, we saw it when more than 16,000 fans of the English football club Everton protested against the club’s new crest, click here for more info. That stunt was quite ‘edgy’ but rhetoric in the sense that the world of sports tend to find it easier to forgive ‘bad behavior’ when sport brands blur this negative behavior by starting a new winning streak. “Local knowledge of the environment is key, that is why it is ridiculous for African athletes to engage European brands consultants, who do not understand the idiosyncrasies of our continent,” the UK-based sports branding strategist said. Still, this part of the branding process cannot be left alone. In the sport entity’s positioning, the name and logo must gain positive attention, i.e. A football game may be an ephemeral, inconsistent, and intangible experience for the players, coaches, officials, andspectators who create it, but it is still a product to be sold and bought (Mullin et al., 2007). Ensure that the value and integrity of the event are maintained; Maximize commercial revenue from sponsorship, merchandising and licensing agreements to offset the cost of organizing the event; Inspire confidence among consumers that the product or image associated with the sporting event is authentic, and that any advertising or promotion that makes reference to the event or to associated images is legitimate. Jossey-Bass. Once registered, they are potentially unlimited in time as long as they are used. Home » Sports » African athletes must take advantage of sports branding — Uyi On May 10, 2020 8:36 am In Sports by Temisan Amoye Kindly Share This Story: One might ask in return, when was the NFL anything other than a product and a brand? San Francisco, California, the US. The significance of a name and logo are key assets when sport entities strive to build strong relationships with their fans. VIEW ON CAMPUS PROGRAM. Their goal is to turn a profit, and as big of a profit as possible. Uyi mentioned the likes of Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, Brazilian Neymar and Manchester United striker Odion Ighalo as some footballers with a huge sports branding team, who control their branding activities to create a profitable synergy for the players during their active days and after retirement. My conclusion is that a name and a logo are important in sport branding. Smythe, C. and Young, S. (1981), Conn Smythe: If You Can’t Beat ’Em in the Alley, McClelland and Stewart, Toronto. This in turn enhances the entertainment value of, say, a football match, because the club can afford better facilities and more skilful players. Check the video below to watch an interesting debate about the name of a team in sports: Aaker, D. A. Messi, FC Barcelona og spillet om brandøkonomisk relevans og pengestrømme, The economic cash cow of reaching the Promised Land of the Premier League, EM i fodbold og Tour de France finder forhåbentligt begge vej til dansk grund – balancen mellem teknikaliteter og pragmatisme. Focus on sport economics, sport management and sport marketing. Strong brands command customer loyalty and premium prices, constituting valuable assets that drive company revenue and growth. (2007), Sport Marketing, 3rd ed., Human Kinetics, Champaign, Illinois, the US. A trademark is a badge of origin that enables a customer to recognize a product of a particular company. Wal Mart, Target, ExxonMobil etc.) Emotional equity also plays a role when sport entities strive to brand or re-brand themselves. Trademarks distinguish a company, its products and services from those of competitors, acting as a quick and reliable guide to quality. Strong brands command customer loyalty and premium prices, constituting valuable assets that drive company revenue and growth. The ‘emotional equity’ comes into play when the name and/or logo apply the ‘sentiment’ that there is a connection between the sport entity’s name and/or logo and the home area’s story, spirit and nature, i.e. “Toward a history of sport branding”. In Denmark, Vejle Boldklub was a club with great traditions. The more successful a team, the more valuable its brand, and the higher the income and spending power of the sports organization involved. The German club FC St. Pauli has been successful in doing so although the club is not playing at the best stage in German football.


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