These three pieces written by different students clearly demonstrate it. Because that is what art all about. Words: 713 - Pages: 3 Qualities Of A Good Friend. I will never forget words of my old history teacher, who once said: “The more I teach, the more I learn”. Friendship is very important for our life. If your essay is about yourself, then you can devote these 80% of your piece to analyzing your traits and different life situations where they declared themselves. People, who share knowledge with us must be smart and able to inspire, but in the same time they should be open-minded and able to adapt to changing environment around them. This will give you a better understanding of what qualities are you seeking in a person and thus will help you to make better points in your work. She is a good friend. However, the way these categorized friends take the news will definitely be somewhat different. One of the most important traits of a friend, is someone who will help you if you need it. 1152 Words 5 Pages. Leadership is impossible without ability to inspire, don’t forget to mention it is your work as well as an ability to make right decisions and be dedicated to people he or she is in charge with. They tell people all my private business that no one else knows but them, and when you go to confront them about, they lie right in your face as if telling a lie is nothing to them. In conclusion, if you have found... StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. Here are some advice on how to write an essay on qualities, that our essay writing service team follows when doing a task like that: And not only while working on a quality essay. Imagine your text like that and you will not face a lot of difficulties in your writing. Imagine it as the question you ask to yourself and to the reader. Friends are the people we let into our walled-off lives – they are the people we know well and with whom we have a bond of mutual affection. The good friend is a gift for our life. Always remember, that you are working on a quality essay, not a novel on friendship or fantasy book. I can ask them how a pair of jeans or something looks on me, or how my English paper sounds to them, and they will say “Oh, that’s nice”, when really it looks terrible, and the paper sounds foolish. Without even mentioning, that bad qualities may be a great additional point for your piece. Author quotes his teacher and uses as an example; Use not only good, but bad examples as well. When deciding who is a real friend, fake friend, or who an acquaintance is can be difficult and tricky. If your introduction was the question, then main body was your way to find the answer – conclusion. But only a loyal friend can be a good friend. Surely, everyone is fond of the idea of friendship. By accident, her seat was next to mine. Being funny, smart or brave are great traits, no doubt, but it is not what makes a great friend. In the early, Facebook: It's The End of Friendship As We Know It (and I feel fine) You should write about traits of a person who can educate, not the one, who is just fun to spend time with. “According to a research study of 1500 participants over 10 years, about how the virtuous human being needs friends from Book VIII from Nicomachean Ethics. My friends will even lie to me just so I will drive them for the night. Lots of people wrongly believe, that those words are kind of synonyms, but oh boy, they are so wrong. When I had difficult problems, she always helped me; she could difficult problems simply and then I could understand theses problems. Having friends can be crucial to both your mental health and your physical health, and it’s important to know how to maintain friendships and some of the key factors in doing so. The first group that I will explain is real friends. For me, only a person with some particular traits is able to make me feel that way towards him or her. Real friends do not try to size you up. Being leader is a really hard job and only really talented and inspiring people can do it properly. Nancy Gibbs, writer of “The Magic of a Family Meal,” beautifully illustrates the benefits of eating with loved ones often, while “The Company Man” by Ellen Goodman demonstrates the negative effects of making, Bigelow and La Gaipa (1975) observed children’s friendships by asking a number of children to write an essay about their best friend using the approach called “content analysis”. When you write about qualities of good friend, you should definitely mention such traits as loyalty and dedication. She is virtuous and considerate. We were classmates in junior high school. “A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.” - Winnie the Pooh. It is fun, how such an old saying is still true even in modern days. Tip: Don’t forget to format your essay according to demand of your teacher/professor. A good friend makes our life more abundant. Being sincere with friends can not only help you communicate with others, but it can also help you make more friends and make your social intercourse skills become better and better. But, what is the good friend? Be Wary of Expensive Gifts. The main components of friendship are honesty, trust, compassion, and sharing similarities. Remember always to express yourself and your thoughts in your essays. In this part you kind of like get your reader to know what the whole piece is going to be about. The second quality of a good friend is being supportive. If a friend can not be honest than that person is not a friend. Though varied in their theses, tones, and styles, each article stresses that individuals quality of life can be positively affected by taking time for companions and relatives.


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