© 2020 PitchBook Data. Quickly vet a company with insight into its financing history, cap table, series terms, EBITDA, deal multiples, investors, executives and more. Whether or not you realize it, many of the goods, services and products you use on a regular basis are from private equity-backed companies. Export information to Excel, or access data directly from your spreadsheets. All rights reserved. Most of these companies are not fully established or profitable, so they can be risky investments—but with that risk comes the opportunity for big returns. Investors working at a private equity firm are called private equity investors, and as of 2017, there were 3,953 active PE investors, which is a 51% increase since 2007. PitchBook is a financial technology company that provides data on the capital markets. Using capital committed from LPs, PE investors invest in promising companies—typically taking a majority stake (>50%). PitchBook is a financial technology company that provides data on the capital markets. Private debt includes any debt held by or extended to privately held companies. We're creating a better way to do VC, PE and M&A. We use PB to test market appetite for specific potential acquisitions and to give us the proverbial hash marks we use in valuation.”, —Dustin Dawson, Investment Banking Analyst, Mazzone & Associate, “PitchBook has given us information about the PE and venture community—it's an excellent diligence and business development tool.”, —Paul J. Pollock, Partner, Crowell & Moring, “PitchBook is easy to use and saves me an enormous amount of time scouring the internet piecing together the history of a transaction, private equity fundraising status, key board members, etc.”, “PitchBook has allowed us to improve the level of conversation we have with our clients. © 2020 PitchBook Data. The author very carefully explains how investment banking, hedge funds, and private equity dominate the market, along with the investor’s investments and money-making.He also covers the strategies of coming back from these sectors after 2009. See our The Blackstone Group profile preview. All rights reserved. “To get a full understanding of a fund's landscape, we have to get granular—drilling into its underlying investments and knowing which service providers and general partners are connected. “We put a lot of confidence in the data PitchBook offers and we've found that it is—by far—the most accurate.”, —Brad Fishman, Managing Partner, Manhattan Venture Partners, “PitchBook is integral to the way we do business. Keep tabs on all market activity to discover promising industries and inform your thesis. In addition to paying back the full sum of the loan in the future, the company mus… Summary. Keep tabs on all market activity to discover promising industries and inform your thesis. Use granular company and deal data to build more precise comps and price your investments with confidence.


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