Homestead Exemption allows up to $7,500 ($75,000 Market Value) to be exempt from paying Parish taxes. The purpose for the tax sale is to collect all unpaid taxes and/or liens due to Ouachita Parish as directed or permitted by LA Revised Statutes and Joint services agreements. Owners of these businesses need to contact the tax collector at (318) 324-2536 to pay these taxes or make payment arrangements to avoid any possible legal actions. The Sheriff and Ex-Officio Tax Collector of Ouachita Parish makes no warranty of any kind including Warranty of Title on the properties and improvements offered and sold. Located @ 400 St John Street, Monroe, LA 71201. These taxes are for inventory, furniture and fixtures, and machinery/equipment. Ouachita Parish Assessor's Office. The following link is to a list of businesses in the parish that have property taxes delinquent for one or more years. Call 318-329-1200 / Dial 9 - 1 - 1 for Emergencies


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