Scholarships are financial awards given to students for further education; there can be many different types of scholarships and many different types criteria on which scholarships are granted and this may reflect on the purpose of the granter. As a Marshall Scholar, Swanson will study mathematics and computer science at Cambridge. We are fortunate that our 2019 Marshall Scholars have such exciting opportunities to look forward to, and that they will be representing the MIT community to the world.” Radha Mastandrea. Following completion of JDO, Hoffman will report to Eglin AFB for Explosive Ordnance Disposal School. Register | Forgot your password? As president of MIT’s Undergraduate Women in Physics, she has established connections between undergraduates and older role models to showcase women’s accomplishments in the physics field. She has mentored local high school girls by leading physics exploration days on the MIT campus, and she helped write the MIT physics department’s first community values statement to foster a culture of respect and support. Funded by the British government, the Marshall Scholarship provides outstanding young Americans with the opportunity to earn advanced degrees in any academic subject at any university in the United Kingdom. For the past two years, she has volunteered for the Massachusetts General Hospital department of radiation oncology. Goals of the program include enabling future leaders of America the opportunity to study in the UK, to help scholars gain an understanding and appreciation of contemporary Britain, to contribute to the advancement of knowledge at Britain’s centers of academic excellence, and to motivate scholars to act as ambassadors throughout their lives, thus strengthening British-American relations. Images for download on the MIT News office website are made available to non-commercial entities, press and the general public under a Mastandrea has also conducted research on galaxy spectral emission data with Professor Michael McDonald at the MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research, and neutrinoless double beta decays with Professor Lindley Winslow at the MIT Laboratory for Nuclear Science. Mastandrea is also co-captain of MIT Bhangra and has taught bhangra dance classes to members of the local community. Swanson previously conducted research on cybersecurity at CSAIL. The selection process for the inaugural IMH Marshall Scholars and Fellows Program in Mental Health has been completed, and I am delighted to announce the successful Scholars and Fellows whose proposals were selected from a robust and competitive pool of applications. “Every year I’m impressed by how hard all of the finalists work to develop and communicate their distinctive vision for the future and their place in it.”, “MIT’s five Marshall Scholars, Radha, Katie, Anna, Kyle, and Crystal, are extraordinary; they are intelligent, creative, and dedicated to making a better world,” says MIT Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart. She is active with the MIT Model UN Conference for high school students and serves as special political and decolonization committee chair. Math student pursues research at NASA studying con­nections between clas­sical information theory and quantum informa­tion theory. She has continued to refine this project and hopes it can eventually be used to reduce traffic congestion by transporting people on ground or through the air. Hailing from Westwood, Massachusetts, Mastandrea is an MIT senior double-majoring in physics and mathematics. Please join me in warmly congratulating the following fifteen Scholarship and five Fellowship awardees, listed in alphabetical order: IMH Marshall Fellowship Awardees & Research Titles, Mr. Travis Ellington Hodges, Neural Mechanisms Underlying Sex Differences in Depression and Negative Cognitive Bias in Susceptible Populations, Ms. Emma Morton, Advancing the Science on Quality of Life in Mood Disorders: A Synergistic, Multi- Method Program of Research, Ms. Katerina Rnic, A Randomized Controlled Feasibility Trial of Cognitive Control Training for Major Depressive Disorder, Ms. Gayatri Saraf, Assessing Brain Synaptic Density in Bipolar Disorder: A Positron Emission Tomography study with 11C-UCB-J, Ms. Melissa Woodward, The Age of Fentanyl – Overdose, Hypoxia and Microvascular Damage, IMH Marshall Scholarship Awardees & Research Titles, Ms. Ariana Cahn, Quantification of Volumetric Brain Changes in Bipolar Disorder Patients following First Episode Mania: A Prospective Study, Ms. Rand Eid, Microglia as Targets of Estradiol-Mediated Stress Resilience, Mr. Tony Fong, High Throughput Platform to Assess and Manipulate Cortical Circuits in Mouse Models of Depression, Mr. Tristan Hynes, Toward a Precision Treatment for Addiction: Focus on Dopamine Circuits and Sex, Ms. Bonnie Lee, The Impact of Motherhood and APOE Genotype on the Aging Brain, Ms. Daphne Ling, The Neural Basis of Low-Dose versus Normal-Dose Psychostimulants on Executive Functions in Youth with Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder: A Randomised Controlled Trial, Ms. Melanie Lysenko-Martin, Neural and Behavioral Substrates of THC-Induced Impairments in Decision Making, Ms. Rae Morris, Mental Health Service Provision with Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Interpretive Description Study, Ms. Maya Nesbit, Preclinical Study of d-govadine and its Effects on Corticostriatal Mechanisms of Amphetamine Addiction, Mr. Matthew Noseworthy, Comparing the Cognitive Effects of Outdoor Versus Indoor Walking among Community-Dwelling Older Adults, Ms. Rachal Pattison, Examining Mental Health Differences Among Transgender and Gender Non- Conforming Youth: A Mixed Method Approach, Mr. Tristan Joshua Philippe, Sex Differences in Stress Habituation and Serotonin 1A Receptor Function, Ms. Wansu Qiu, Effects of Maternal Postpartum Corticosterone and SSRI Exposure on Cytokine Profile and Microbiome in Dams and Offspring, Mr. Jacob Stubbs, Characterizing the Impact of Traumatic Brain Injury on the Mental Health and Brain Structure of Homeless and marginally House Individuals in a Community-Based Study, Mr. Boaz Saffer, Identifying the Neurocognitive Mechanisms of Suicidal Behaviors in Emerging Adults.


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