If subscribers are members of a certain professional organization, research that organization to get a sense of members’ primary interests and the tone of what they publish. %PDF-1.4 %���� 270 0 obj <> endobj �TdjzR@9��@@ 0000249267 00000 n

0000102646 00000 n Creating Content for a Journal Article.

h�b```b`�������� ̀ �l@Q�) 0000049634 00000 n �� R@9��P@ � Examples of common journal article section requirements include: Chances are that you’ll only need to include some of the sections listed here. 0000002529 00000 n x�b``�```I``e`PY� Ā B@1v�m�* =Nm�/�1(|�n`��w�+A���M�X^�3�:�^a��0�AG�����y.C�b��kK��8��=�%*`�IX�}�R�Rȉ�FK][#�0Ѩ�cUX��dV^��V&���

The typical research paper is a highly codified rhetorical form [1, 2].Knowledge of the rules—some explicit, others implied—goes a long way toward writing a paper that will get accepted in a peer-reviewed journal. 0000248522 00000 n

The items included in your template should be specific to the publication you’re submitting to. Instead, you’ll need to submit to your first choice and wait to hear back from them before submitting elsewhere. 0000102315 00000 n 0000002057 00000 n An introduction has a lot of work to do in few words.

0 H�\��j�@��}��l.��n�I���P�0� endstream endobj 282 0 obj <> endobj 283 0 obj <>stream First, look through the journal article and try to trace its logic. 0000005192 00000 n

H�\�͊�@�}���݋&&u�^� �� .�q�4)��������iz`��Ty?���~������Ǿ>�ɝۮ㭿�ut�xi��(]������Y_�C��͇�m��}wr��t�6���i�S|��ocǶ���_�ó��a�����­׮���C_����5�|���o��vz��=�V�|ѕ�uAL�7�6�8�K̪Ez�]��^�,v��͸�t�Ǭ*�x�H_)��g��K�%�y��e�"�w�o�o��� Sy���9�c�/�Kd����Y�s@VfE6fC����7��W�Wdz<.

0000227750 00000 n Since each journal has specific requirements for submissions, consider which publications are most likely to be interested in publishing an article on the topic of your study. It can serve as a fill-in outline as you start building out the document. These include covering some of the details of writing style and producing reader-centred 7. writing, the presentation of your text to a publisher, and some of the pros and cons of publishing very early in one’s career. 0000248831 00000 n (P��G�� ����i��P@ � 0000313952 00000 n 0000007642 00000 n Check your template against the journal’s published requirements.

Specifically state whether evidence was found to support the hypothesis or not. ( �H� R@9��@@ H����n�6E�� Are you wondering how to write a journal article?

Follow best practices for writing a research paper, tailoring your approach to the journal’s audience. 0000101301 00000 n Report only conclusions supported by data. 0000013114 00000 n 0000004309 00000 n Define the Study. 0000313253 00000 n ( �H� R@9��@@ It is possible that you’ll need to add other sections. A Guide to Reading and Analysing Academic Articles by Amanda Graham, Yukon College This guide aims to show you how to read and understand scholarly articles, a skill that is virtually guaranteed to help you keep up with assigned readings. 0000006307 00000 n 0000021921 00000 n Use graphs, charts and tables to illustrate key results. 0000010592 00000 n So, too, must I acknowledge that journals, particularly specialty ones, may have their own style of writing, so the articles you read in them may not follow the format I’ll lay out below. 0000100820 00000 n 0000101989 00000 n If your article is accepted, congratulations are in order. 0000100139 00000 n 0000325558 00000 n Next, you’ll need to present the results in a well-written article.

startxref 0000001782 00000 n You may even want to contract with a company that offers peer review services to provide feedback. 0000007891 00000 n Assuming you request input from peers, incorporate any relevant feedback you received into your manuscript. and theses into journal articles. 0000228599 00000 n Read the title, abstract, and headings to get a feel for how the article is organized. Verify that the research question is clearly answered in the body of the article. endstream endobj 348 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/Index[69 201]/Length 30/Size 270/Type/XRef/W[1 1 1]>>stream 0000002452 00000 n 0000000016 00000 n Your tasks: Finding suitable academic journals. This type of writing requires original research conducted for the purpose of advancing the body of knowledge in a particular field of study. 0000015569 00000 n Day 2, searching for journals. 0000313875 00000 n �� R@9���4R@9��@@

0000027629 00000 n 0000230315 00000 n � The most well-written article that reveals fascinating results will be rejected if the author(s) fail to adhere to the publiciation’s manuscript requirements. 0000003837 00000 n Make sure that suggestions for further study logically follow from the results. %%EOF Appreciating how academics write and why they write as they do may even improve your own papers. ���r 9��P@ � Clearly explain the research methodology. 0000011865 00000 n Day 5, reading relevant journals and writing query letters. �L,s���L��1pN`Lc�g�����ֲY+֭~��@`fPX����nthk����Ygw}]ue�W/��ewxd"�x�x¸���.�������As�L�W�ښ�y����)�L�\b R:�l4�:�B?zk��b�)wyd&8�5��(*����mM��6rg�߬���;ռ��qc���B]�/7f�=�z�>j�W�ƅ�V�Xw������"a"s���޲��Can97;Ǡ�����SB&��3���j6����5]���+�[��r�G&`Ì�x�}�s|NvF��>vg��9W�?vh��AA���I�_2�L>(���Ig�z�Ҩ��DO7Z 4zK�(ț��޼������iժ5m��i_oO{y2�зk���� z&���, $^�*��(X����ٸ]��]HPPPI�M���%%%c� Writing a successful academic journal article requires quite a bit of work before you actually start writing, as you’ll need to conduct original research to write about.

Research practices and approaches vary. Start by posing an interesting research question and hypothesis, then design a research study to help you investigate the question. Once you have selected a journal for your initial submission, consider who the publication’s audience is.


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