Students and EPICS faculty have presented 15 posters in ICTIEE-2017 at Noida and Madhurai, in which EPICS faculty SunithaKalle, AzeemUnnisa, Kiran Kumar and Ashish kumar Singh have got 2nd prize for “BEST POSTER PRESENTATION”. The team helped me to understand the common problems between the community partners and to work towards a solution for the same. December 2000. There is an old age home named CR Foundation at Kondapur Hyderabad . Epics – It is a great platform for the students who are willing to learn and showcase their talents. The organization does not accept cash as a donation This leads to the loss of funds from many interested individuals. I am glad to be a part of Epics Team.

Notable Projects: – Library Mangement system – Attendance Management system – Loan Management system The EPICS methodology is designed in such a way that it builds confidence, lateral thinking, Leadership abilities, and makes you strong enough to tackle obstacles even in your life. The product you build in the EPICS is really put into use and this fills the heart with immense satisfaction. Project under EPICS helped in making technical background strong as well as other skills like appropriate selection, interaction with different stakeholders helped in dealing with people of different perspectives, etc. Inst. ),Telangana,India - 501401, Electronics and Communication Engineering, JNTUH B.Tech 2nd, 3rd & 4th Year Calendar, Computer Science and Engineering(Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning), Computer Science and Engineering(Internet Of Things), Computer Science and Engineering(Cyber Security), Computer Science and Engineering(Data Science). More effort will be applied on pedal while stitching clothes. 1) A Platform where students can practice and improve communication skills.

The best thing in Epics is the "DESIGN THINKING PROCESS", which helps the students to deliver a product to the Community Partner but not a project.

There is no specific repo for side projects on this website. It Is a website which is useful for students and tutors where tutors login into this page who want the students and students who get logged into it can find tutors with their personal details so they can get communicated.It is the easy way to find the student for a tutor who is willing to teach. Doing projects for the user in need gave me satisfaction and wanted to do more EPICS related projects further.

I got exposed to new technology and that driven me to be innovative and creative. Mr. B.Veera Reddy working as physical Director. EPICS Projects High School Project Examples | Middle School Project Examples. The work process during the EPICS sprints include multiple meetings with your clients, This helps to Improve communication and generates a feeling a compassion towards the community partner and the people associated within. This is a list of projects that are known to be using EPICS, although even this is unlikely to be complete.This is not identical to the list of sites as some have several projects using EPICS, other projects may have frozen development of their control systems, or the EPICS work was done at … While conducting health camps people who have different kind of disesases to chek Temparature, BP, ECG machines carrying with them is difficult. In order to solve this type of problems,we are generating an automated time table application. Helps the people who find difficulty in moving due to their physical disability Can operate both on joystick and voice. Epics faculty and students presented 7 papers in ICTIEE international conference 2017. Most of my courses dint have hands on aspect. Projects Using EPICS. Epics have helped me gain good knowledge required to do project. It taught me how to observe, understand, think and work on small yet serious problems faced by common people in their lives. However, the site as a whole contains many project ideas.

Instead of that we are creating a website which would reduce manual work and also it will be easy to know what are the medicines prescribed to the patient previously. I started thinking in a broader way, trying to make a best and affordable product. It helps the student get a clearer picture of what need has to be addressed. The Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility and IRFEL (TJNAF), RF and feedback for PEP-II "B-factory" (SLAC), The Intense Pulsed Neutron Source (Argonne), The Tesla Test Facility Injector (SACLAY), The Average Power Laser Experiment (LANL), National Laboratory for High Energy Physics B-factory (KEK), Berlin Electron Synchrotron Light Source (BESSY II), Magnet test facility and Accelerator R&D (Sync Lab Barcelona/IFAE), SSRF synchrotron and BTCF e+/e- collider (IHEP), Spallation Neutron Source (Argonne/BNL/LANL/LBNL/ORNL), The National Spherical Torus Experiment (PPPL), Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility (ORNL), Pohang Light Source: Longitudinal Feedback System (PAL/POSTECH), KSTAR Superconducting Tokamak (NFRI, Korea), Steady State Tokamak-1 (Inst.

Project Categories. And when faculty gives an assignment, 90% of students write their assignment either by Googling it or copy it from their friends. Mr. Rajeshwar, who is Assistant professor in HITAM. These Project Ideas are aimed at final year CS students with few of them focused on Android Development. To achieve proper electricity in the equipment room, while enhancing the skills of the players. HYBRID VOICE-JOYSTICK CONTROLLED MOBILITY DEVICE. I had the amazing opportunity to be in EPICS -HITAM for two years in a row. Every student believes in remembering the formulas instead of understanding the root cause of the formulas and often end up burning the oil at midnights(mugging up). Epics - is once such platform where ideas are converted into real time projects. I found that the method of teaching is different from one used to be in the normal classes. This is a list of projects that are known to be using EPICS, although I was a good faculty but this program has made me a good facilitator, a good coach who can guide the students to follow a process which led to innovations. Our community partner is Mr.Rajeshwar, professor of Cse Department.As all of us know that creating a timetable is a time-taking process and there will be collisions in that,if it is done manually. Mr. Narayan Rao who is working in HITAM college as Librarian. The EPICS program has given me the skills that are relevant and extremely important to be able to work in the industry. A Nurse will be there along with the patients every time who is actually facilitated by care hospitals .nurse will be maintaining the details of the patients manually in the record , but the problem here is doctor will be available only from 10:am to 4:pm whenever an emergency occurs the nurse has to call the doctor and enquire about the medicines which has to be given. sites as some have several projects using EPICS, other projects may have frozen I joined epics with completely new thoughts and actually the course was completely new to me I had to manage my academic and the project in epics thanks to college for the support. 70% of students in class won’t be active in the class during the lecture. See more ideas about Bushcraft, Canoe building, Wood canoe.


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