". When you use it you go into another cut scene. Boss: Ooka Blood, Blood Fencer, and Lord Onyx, Ooka's Info: Lvl: 30 HP: 1,120 EP: 495 Attacks: Mega Blade, Power Axle Omega, Impulse, EX Cross Flame, Blood Fencer's Info: Lvl: 22 HP: 1,000 EP: 355 Attacks: High Blade, X Cutter, Lord Onyx's Info: Lvl: 22 HP: 1,000 EP: 312 Attacks: High Blade, Impulse. Make sure you have enough potions to revive your people and enough to heal them (Fully heal HP) because they will die a lot. Once you fight him make sure most of your people have their EX attacks (make sure they can perform them a couple times so you'll kill him) and keep Atsuma in the back row so he takes little or no damage at all. Boss: Sphinx Lvl: 40 HP: 3,600 EP: 1,100 Attacks: Gravity Drain, Earth Strike. It really says something when the man has a, You even get to fight Michael Wilson, though his suit is now "Executor" instead of "Metal Wolf". After attacking Infinity for a couple turns he will die. Karin in the back,Crazy Pizza or your stronger golem next to her and Raigar and Astuma in the front. Thanks. The whole shrine is one giant maze and you will find yourself using many elevators and other devices throughout. Once it does you'll go into a cutscene (or might have to attack her once or twice) and when you fight her again, hit her three times and you've defeated her for the achievement. being hijacked and used as a Magicore by the Queen of Ice. You even get to fight Michael Wilson, though his suit is now "Executor" instead of "Metal Wolf". Defeat the Queen of Ice at the Ice Palace. Real Easy Achievement if you follow these steps. Boss: Siren Lvl: 50 HP: 8,800 EP: 581 Attacks: Aqua Sonic, High Return Song, Cure Song, Clear Voice. Boss: Ooka Lvl: 30 HP: 1,023 EP: 280 Attacks: Mega Blade, Power Axle Omega, Impulse, EX Cross Flame, Very easy battle. ". Xbox Achievements is not affiliated with Microsoft or Xbox, it is owned and run by Resero Network Ltd. All other registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Have Makoto stay in the middle row close to Infinity so he can hurt him and make sure Toya is one square over from Atsuma (if Atsuma is in the left corner move over one square). Phoenicia Lvl: 60 HP: 9,700 EP: 1,580 Attacks: Mega Flare Zone, Mega Flare Force, Reverse Order, Ressurection Location:Londinus Plains North Forest Rewards for defeating Phoenicia: Suzaku Core and Fire Orb, Divine Turtle Lvl: 63 HP: 9,500 EP: 1,750 Attacks: Aqua EP Drain, Giga Protection, Giga Barrier, Reverse Location: Nordnia Mines Abandoned Mine Rewards for beating Divine Turle: Genbu Core and Water Orb, Aero Dragon Lvl: 66 HP: 10,500 EP: 1,700 Attacks: Aero Breath, Aero Gravity, Aero Drain, Reverse Bark Location: Yamashiro Marsh Forest Rewards for beating Aero Dragon: Seiryu Core and Wind Orb, White Tiger Lvl: 69 HP: 11,500 EP: 1,070 Attacks: Meteor Fang, Reverse Roar, Earth Grav Roar, Drain Fang Location: Vorbios Volcano Wind Tunnel Rewards for beating White Tiger: Byako Core and Earth Orb. Raigar is up the stairs with Sayaka. Once you get all four and he tells you the golems, choose the one in the middle (the Battle one) and go to the tent again to fight. During the battle, Atsuma's arm, which has the power to negate enchantments, transforms him into something that can negate the Queen's regeneration power.

Battle against Yuki at the betting Golem Battle. - Offline: 25 [1000] You do get to hear him yell out "RICHARRRRRRDDDDDD!!!!! Black Dragon Lvl: 80 HP: 9,200 EP: 1,115 Attacks: Mega Slash, Dark X Cutter Location: Raigu Coast Fork Rewards for beating Black Dragon: Black Core and Kindly God Orb, Anubis Lvl: 80 HP: 6,300 EP: 1,060 Attacks: Mega Aero Spear, Mega Spear, EP Drain Spear Location: Zuala Desert Ruins Rewards for beating Anubis: Anubis Core and Happy God Orb, Gold Squat Lvl: 80 HP: 9,414 EP: 1,116 Attacks: Mega Light Blow, Mega Light Force, Mightly Blow Location: Sage's Tower Center Rewards for defeating Gold Squat: Scout Core and Sad God Orb. Next, work on Oboro and the Ninjas (also his clones but leave one alone), then just work on Oboro and he will die, rewarding you the achievement. enchanted arms its a story about 3 guys named atsuma toya and makoto and it is based on the game. Elemental Temples: Te enter the Holy Beast Shrine you will need the four God Orbs that you obtained by defeating the elemental beasts. After you obtain all four of the orbs, you will be able to enter the Holy Shrine at the end of the path in the Junk City Rock Pinnacles. Use your strongest attacks and heal when needed and she will die awarding you the achievement.


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