At the poppy field, Dorothy cautions Ruby not to sniff the flowers or she'll fall asleep. Just another of my two-part one-shots featuring two of my favored OUAT couples.

("Ruby Slippers"), After falling under the sleeping curse, Dorothy's soul travels to the Netherworld. Marian Locksley was thought long dead, killed by the former Wicked Witch. Mais, à sa grande surprise, Éléonora va rapidement découvrir qu'il n'en est rien. I didn't get this title, seriously. This cannot be broken by one true love’s kiss. It might do you some good). the right to understand and to approach to this in a logic and reasonable way. However, soon enough it will be clear: the old days don't always go by and even beloved people pretend. GAY POWER COUPLE! Regina to be happy Dorothy reprimands her and chases after her pet, but Ruby makes it up to her by using her enhanced sense of smell to point Dorothy in the right direction. Ruby is turning 18.

Upon picking a poppy, they are pursued by Zelena's minions, flying monkeys. Because

Show divergence point: Emma and Killian just got back from the time travel adventure, Regina is pissed because Marian is here, Emma has decided to stay in Storybrooke, Neal’s introduction day ended.
Relevant Pages Stop saying “I thought it was about family, so yes, you moron, also two girls can love each others , this can be TRUE LOVE: This However, her family doesn't believe her and attempts to get her admitted into an asylum.
This page is about the possible pairing of Dorothy and Ruby, not figuring out title spoilers as that already has a page. GALLERY. This will follow the events of the Once Upon A Time finale. But it’s too late.

Nothing was ever confirmed so either as likely as is nothing at all. Latest mention: However, Aunt Em dies, gifting Dorothy a little dog named Toto before she does. LESBIANS and also for the lesbians to come back. Yes, she deserves better than the unrequited love story she got, but I think we should promote women’s independence. RUBY WOKE DOROTHY WITH TRUE LOVE’S KISS, I AM DYING FROM HAPPINESS, GOODBYE. bearnicorn. I would have loved to have seen more scenes of them together. too hard to comprehend and to explain to your children that THIS is absolutely Work Search: NOTHING CAN TAKE AWAY MY HAPPINESS AT THIS EXACT MOMENT. 1 - On an interview (sorry, I couldn't find the link for it) Adam said we'll plant the seed for the LGBT couple on the first half, but we'll only let it grow on the second half. First appearance: Please consider turning it on! #lesbian #ouat #red and dorothy #ruby and dorothy #kansas and wolfie #my otp. UA de L'histoire inconnue] : "Elle se fout en l'air... Elle se fout en l'air, pour oublier qu'elle n'est plus rien..." Éléonora Cassidy ne rencontre jamais Johanne, et l'enfer commence. With Dorothy's permission, Ruby morphs into a wolf and lets Dorothy climb on her back so she can outrun the monkeys. Interestingly enough… Emma Swan & Regina Mills are original OUAT characters, not Disney Mains. Stop to Dorothy, caught in her Kansas farmhouse during a raging cyclone, is swept away to Oz. Because Dorothy refuses to comply, Zelena uses Toto as a bargaining chip, giving her until sundown tomorrow to forfeit the slippers. More Captain Swan moments Years pass after this and Dorothy eventually returns to Oz. So they bring them back to camp and welcome them with open arms.They have to find a Safe Haven called Hyperionheights. Detective Robin from Homicide and Missing Persons is always busy, looking to piss off the next monster. She is done feeling alone so she travels to other realms where she makes new friends and a potential romantic interest. ouat captain swan ruby and dorothy. I SHIP IT BLESS. Fem!Neal. Human It's been 10 years since they last set foot in Storybrooke. Regina is living happily in her island paradise a safe haven among the criminal world when her son Henry suddenly decides to find his birth mother Emma. I know I am, they already have cute nicknames for each other! But an incident during the celebration leads to the hiring of a knight to protect her. However, I’d like to personally challenge the writers to delve more into minor characters and tell their story as well. However, when the pair return to Storybrooke, they discover the town, and their lovers, have all moved on! Glinda, the Witch of the South, then appears to offer her to take Zelena's place as the Witch of the West, but Dorothy declines; wishing only to return home. 2 notes. A lot has changed.

Instead, Dorothy sneaks off to put Zelena to sleep, because she fears losing Ruby, who she has fallen in love with. To regain Toto, Mulan brews a concoction to put Zelena to sleep, but she needs poppies to complete it. There are no Ruby Slippers. The war had raged on for many years, the people of Misthaven would say too many, and there was only one way to end it, only one way to quiet talks of rebellion. Fic features motorcycles, hot guys in leather cuts, and a bit of action/drama.

Happy Reading. Storybrooke Mirror — On March 1, City Talent Management Inc. posted congratulations on their facebook page to Matreya Scarrwener for booking a guest star role on Once Upon a Time for episode 3.20 (‘Kansas’) as the role 'Betsy’. But an incident during the celebration leads to the hiring of a knight to protect her. Dorothy was looking for the same thing ever since her family had abandoned her, now she had Ruby. Now it times to go back home. GAYNESS ON OUAT .

The trio come upon Zelena, who demands the silver slippers. Dorothy reprimands her and chases after her pet, but Ruby makes it up to her by using her enhanced sense of smell to point Dorothy in the right direction. gay poWER COUPLE! *** Ruby is sick from seeing everyone around her finding true love. A legendary thief who stole their hearts. Show Information Calloused fingers reach out for her.


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