What really makes this fight special, though, is how it scales. What hurts this fight in comparison to others is that it’s far too simple. I think it's a mistake to treat tutorial Vanguard as the same boss as Shrine of Storms Vanguard. When you arrive, they are killing one another. This is like something out of shadow of the colossus. Soul of Cinder’s ability to change his attack patterns based on what weapon he’s wielding means that players must be able to read and react in a way that even the most challenging of Souls fights don’t demand from you. The challenge here has more to do with tedium than any mechanical mastery. Players defeat Manus and relieve Artorias of his corruption but are forgotten in history. A nice, simple, and much needed pre-end boss. After all, this boss fight demands that players abandon the comfort of the circle-strafe strategy and employ some expert combat rolls in order to win the day. 15. It’s all pretty sad, actually. He is lithe and fast, with a thimble-like head and flowing tattered robes. Part man, part monster, part eldritch terror, Ludwig has turned into something altogether nightmarish. That means no encounters with unique enemies you meet along the way that don’t have their own boss health bar or other identifiying elements. He doesn't do it conistantly enough to be tedious, and it simply adds another level of tension to the fight. it's just iron golem except with a shield and no spooky grab attack. At the same time, they can’t overshadow what is to come. I want to see how crazy Flamelurker would be with more moves and phases. As the first real Souls fight to force players to face multiple bosses at once, this encounter managed to frustrate the very best of players. 12. It’s an emotional experience that is bolstered by some excellent music. She left the other beast hunters and locked herself in a clocktower to ward off those trying to get to the hamlet. It is one of the most brutal and bloody fights in a particularly bloody game, and while it may start as duel, it ends as a knock-down, drag-out fight to stop another disastrous incursion further into the nightmare. They are the most obvious example of Bloodborne’s design seeping into Dark Souls 3, as they are emaciated like the enemies and hunters in that title and have a preternatural dread to their movements and attacks. It’s not much, but it does add a nice level of difficulty to this fight, considering that you typically beat these guys by circling around them. The next few bosses from Dark Souls 3 are difficult to rank given the degrees of excellence that separate them. From his first burst of magic missiles and quick strikes, he makes it clear that you are not in for an easy fight. 18. Their arrival was a terrible omen as they would topple empires at the first sign of evil. In that respect, Scorpioness Najka falls short. Keep the jolly cooperation going on the private server! But also kinda fun. Covetous Demon is a huge slug-like creature that bears more than a passing resemblance to Jabba the Hutt. The atmosphere of this fight is an oddly peaceful one that only adds to the classic sword fight nature of this encounter. Pontiff Sulyvahn’s elegant dual-sword attacks are a quick as they are deadly. Latria is one of the best areas in the series hands down. Well…ideally, anyway, as there is a fairly simple trick to beating him that most are quick to discover. You can cheese the leechmonger but you can cheese anything in this game really (soul arrows for the flamelurker, poison cloud for King Allant and kill 1 maneater through the fog). Champion Gundyr is one of the few instances of a repeated boss in a Souls game done well. The problem is the fight itself. Couldn’t resist. That’s an odd compliment to pay to a Souls boss, but this is one of the few multi-opponent fights that doesn’t feel like it was designed just to make you angry. An NPC. Really? Oh well, now we're out of awful territory. Much like Aldrich, the Oceiros fight benefits greatly from the lore behind it. The fight itself is a disappointment, though. Now unlike some other fights of this nature, what makes this one different is that the mob and the boss are not entirely separate. In lieu of an actual opponent, they will just fight each other. This franchise has something of a reputation for the final boss in the game not being the best boss in the game (although we will get to a notable exception to that rule soon), and while that holds true for Nashandra, this is still a good fight. Instead, you have to work your way up a series of steps in a derelict tower in order to get into position to jump on this boss and land the killing blow. Phalanx: This is a pretty neat post-tutorial first boss. The grotesquely thin, pale child resembles a man and holds its own placenta like a blade. While neither side was right, his eventual turn led to his exile by the other gods. Take a look at the story faq on gamwfaqs. Perhaps that’s an odd complaint, but given how special the best Souls fights feel, thematically uncreative duels such as this tend to stand out in the wrong ways. His lore is crap. However, that just makes it all the more of a shame that the fight is such a disappointment. The fight becomes 10x more badass when you find the Storm Ruler, and then you're left to duke it out with a hundred foot long Ray with a badass sword that can fire wind-like airstrikes at the boss. 7. Istrael's fate and everything that happened in that world after Maiden Astarea was very insteresting. I don't have anything else to say, other than there's an option to fight a player instead, which is also a bad fight due to Demon's Souls notoriously "worse than DS1" netcode and PvP metas. I haven't tried without killing the archers. All her attacks can be dodged and the melee can be blocked. Though they may seem largely invulnerable to attack – or even impossible to attack at first, you’ll find that what you need to do is grab a special sword in this area that allows you to successfully damage your enemies with powerful ranged strikes. Implemented as part of the Dark Souls additional content, Knight Artorias was designed to tax even the most capable of players and does so with seeming ease. Royal Rat Authority has a variety of frustrating attacks at his disposal and their pattern tends to be somewhat erratic. While Sanctuary Guardian is perhaps the weakest of the four new bosses in the bunch, this is still a good encounter. There’s just nothing especially noteworthy about this fight. Later in the fight, it sprouts a pair of membranous wings and begins to pelt you with errant bits of flesh. That's it. Not bad. Who He Is: Pontiff Sulyvahn is a conniving and terrible monarch who came to power through manipulation and deceit. You know what's best about him? Elana can shoot magic and summon skeletons with the best of them, but this is a fairly generic boss fight that again speaks to Dark Souls II’s overreliance on boss encounters. While Velstadt’s incredible athleticism and dominating power leave him very few weaknesses, there is a pattern here for the player to discover and exploit in such a way as to best him. Who He Is: Gael is one of the oldest characters in Dark Souls and tries to devour the souls of the world to save his home. Crystal Sage relies on some of the worst Dark Souls boss fight tropes. In the case of Covetous Demon, it certainly could have done with one less. Who Are They: The Abyss Watchers were a group of warriors dedicated to stopping the spread of an evil corruption that took over the minds and bodies of those it encountered. Demon's Souls some great boss fights,others mehh. But again, the Lost Sinner’s mechanic does certainly elevate it. AbsoluteZ3R0. Priscilla may technically be an optional boss, but both her and the world she calls her domain are so fascinating that she must be pursued despite the lack of obligation to do so. Maiden Astraea isn’t a boss in the traditional sense. 25 Best Japanese Games Not Available in the U.S. Nintendo Holiday Gift Guide: Best Consoles and Games to Buy, How Darth Maul Would Have Completely Changed the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, The Outsider is Better as a One-Season Wonder, Jacob’s Ladder: How LSD, Tibetan Buddhism and Tim Robbins Combined to Create a Cult Classic.


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