But I was wrong. According to the research, caffeine withdrawal symptoms last from 2 to 9 days (source). Many articles suggest that caffeine withdrawal lasts at most a week or two. Just drink it in moderation, Brawner advises. I was better for a little while but then noticed the same symptoms continuing. Here's why it can be so dangerous and how you can avoid making the mistakes of others. ), but similar problems have been reported by others after quitting caffeine. I do have more dreams now, and according to my Fitbit tracker, my REM might be improving, but this seems more or less normal now. "The brain creates more adenosine receptors because the existing receptors are constantly 'filled up' from caffeine. Some conditions – such as (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) IBS – are a diagnosis of exclusion. I know my triggers – the day job I hate or, conversely, “celebrating” free time: as my #1 healthy lifestyle factor, staying off caffeine is about maintaining a resolve to be my best self. Caffeine is a stimulant that increases heart rate, blood pressure and the stress hormones … It is possible to reset your caffeine dependence and achieve that caffeine buzz once again. For example, instead of a daily cup, I would make it a weekend indulgence for whenever I feel the urge, or as an accompaniment to bakery treats on a Sunday with friends. Journal of Caffeine Research. As I consider the future, I can see myself drinking coffee again one day. I now feel super duper out of it and fatigued, plus I have headaches (I never get headaches! Currently: Resolved, since an unknown time (maybe 6-8 months? (I think this is one of the last remaining symptoms and still improving!). I honestly can't believe how good I feel and how much my skin has changed since giving up coffee. Now, these symptoms are mostly abating, and I think I am close to feeling my normal self again. It's so delicious and tastes even better when you add sweet almond milk. In retrospect it was really crazy how I would have to plan for the event that I would not have access to coffee, Headaches - I don't remember the last time I needed to take medicine for a headache since the first few months of withdrawal. Anxiety. Over the next several weeks, I became really confused, because most articles state that caffeine withdrawal should only last 2-9 days. This was most noticeable after sitting still for a while, followed by getting up and walking. By midday, I felt a dizzying headache, which quickly escalated into a migraine that swept across my forehead and behind my eyes. It could be that caffeine is masking other underlying health issues. More on that here. 5 Hour Energy Shot is part the FDA's investigation of 13 deaths and 92 adverse reactions possibly linked to the popular energy shot. Replacement Drinks? I knew I might not have time to drink my coffee, so I brought instant coffee packets and dissolved them in cold water from my water bottle to have on the airplane! In retrospect, this was probably exactly right! And I'm not alone in this ritual. Caffeine can be a factor that may well exacerbate these symptoms, and – in some people – could even be a cause. Harvard Medical School. I prefer the taste of the traditional toasted rice flavor, and now that I'm not drinking caffeine, I definitely notice it when I have one of these. Quitting cold turkey isn't always the answer. "The brain creates more adenosine receptors because the existing receptors are constantly 'filled up' from caffeine. But after three days (and nights) of aching from the legs down, my discipline was starting to wear thin. UPDATE: I haven't had a coffee (besides decaf) since I detoxed on August 7, 2017. I continued seeing doctors and was given thyroid supplements which eventually made me sicker (got hyperthyroid symptoms) and was finally told to discontinue it. There are several other forums which are also listed in our links, and a sizable number of the posts are from people asking whether their symptoms really could be from caffeine. (Of course, this is not a substitute for consulting a doctor - I did see two different doctors, had lab tests and even a CT scan, and they found nothing to account for my symptoms.). This is likely not true dizziness or vertigo, as there was no specific spinning sensation (i.e. Let me say this: Caffeine withdrawal is real, so very real. That is, if I started to not feel great or get a headache, I would feel I needed to eat / have caffeine immediately. Although that may be true for some people, we have encountered a number of very similar stories from individuals who struggle with caffeine withdrawal symptoms for much longer! No replacements. This also has caffeine, but green tea, especially the higher grade matcha, has been said to boost metabolism if consumed regularly, so that benefit definitely trumps the latter. In the early months off caffeine, I noticed I was having more dreams and remembering things from the remote past. Over the 7-8 years I was using caffeine, I slowly gained back about a third of the weight. It was so intense that it woke me up in the night. I woke up on the first day of my caffeine detox thinking it would be a breeze. Two days ago, I decided to cut down on my caffeine intake drastically. REM sleep percentage as measured by Fitbit seems to be improving, which was sometimes lower in earlier months. Some conditions – such as (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) IBS – are a diagnosis of exclusion. How Did You Quit? And this is why: The fact that I was detoxing so badly made me realize that caffeine was causing some serious inflammation in my body and that perhaps giving it up would be better for my health overall. "It's structurally very similar to adenosine, a molecule that produces a feeling of tiredness in the body. I tend towards anxiety and may have developed a sensitivity to caffeine over the years and by serial quitting. Caffeine can have health benefits, but for some people, the negatives can outweigh the positives. However, for some people, various symptoms continue for much longer than this. September 13, 2013;3(3):114-130. doi:10.1089/jcr.2013.0016, Flavonoids: The Secret to Health Benefits of Drinking Black and Green Tea? Shop some of my caffeine-free favorites below: This dandelion tea is without a doubt my favorite coffee alternative. For most of the population, coffee consumption in moderation presents no problems (this cannot be said about energy drinks, however). Not only that, but the caffeine detox seemed to have done wonders for my skin: My skin literally glowed. She is currently the Editorial Director at Create & Cultivate. I thought previously caffeine/coffee was a good thing, but in retrospect, I think other symptoms developed over the years from too much caffeine as well, including gastrointestinal issues and sleep problems. Why Did You Quit? 20 great benefits you may reap from quitting caffeine in coffee, tea, energy drinks, or soda. Caffeine Use Disorder: A Comprehensive Review and Research Agenda. Should I be worried? But knowing ahead of the five-day cleanse that I couldn't have caffeine, I decided to go cold turkey. Weaned down to just water. After 3 months of this, I started noticing that I am not recovering easily from physical activity (such as hiking and skiing). When I'm not feeling like a milky rooibos tea or if I need a bit of an afternoon energy bump, I'll pour myself a green tea, which I probably only have once a week. I bought some of those intense heating pads for advanced muscle pain therapy and wrapped them around both legs, stuck some Salonpas pain-relieving patches up and down them, and even purchased a hot water bottle to help soothe and calm my tight, caffeine-deprived muscles. I first tried quitting 9 years ago as I was becoming very addicted and started having IBS symptoms. How Are You Now? Written by James Foster, last updated on January 7, 2020. I've also been reaching for matcha—a more concentrated form of green tea—a lot more and I am a huge fan of the iced-tea versions at my local café (just need to keep an eye on the sugar added). But I haven't given up everything. When I asked Brawner why, she told me it's because caffeine is chemically addictive. "It's both fat- and water-soluble and is able to enter the blood-brain barrier," she explained. In retrospect, I think this "flu" was actually acute withdrawal, and everything else was post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS). Currently: Mostly resolved. Wine (in particular, chardonnay) will always be a part of my consumption habits. I am still not sure if I can resume heavier physical activity. If you have it daily, drink up to two cups. Now sleeping about 7.5 hours per night without difficulty. Over 5 years ago I had to stop consuming caffeine. Digestive Issues Can Occur. Now, I almost always fall asleep within 30 minutes and often wake up a little before my alarm time feeling ready to get up. This is a big one for a number of people who post on other forums, such as Reddit decaf, and others. Redline Energy Drink has a history of sending some people to the hospital after drinking.


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