Either one you pick, you're winning with loads of nutrients. That includes its broccoli-esque florets and its stalks like string beans, which means it’s basically two vegetable experiences for the price of one. Broccolini requires less prep time as you don’t have to peel the stem. But people get the two mixed up all the time—for good reason. Here’s how to tell them apart. All parts of broccoli rabe—stems, florets and leaves—are edible. The fiber in broccolini also works as a prebiotic, meaning it feeds the good bacteria in your digestive tract and helps to keep your digestive system balanced and healthy. You can use it to make a pesto and throw it into a bowl of spaghetti or in your spaghetti squash for a spaghetti squash lasagna. Just like broccoli and many other vegetables, broccolini contains fiber that the body needs to bind together waste product in the gut, and move it on out with comfort and ease. ). Required fields are marked *, © VeggieShake.com 2018 All rights reserved. Broccolini is a hybrid cross between Chinese broccoli and traditional broccoli. All four are winter greens, all include dark green leaves and florets, but they are still not the same veggie at all. Roasted Broccolini and Lemon with Parmesan, Delicious and Nutritious: Roasted Sunflower Seeds (With Recipes! Because broccolini has a good amount of beta-carotene, which gets converted to vitamin A in the body, broccolini is a boon to healthy skin. Just like broccoli rabe and broccoli, broccolini is also a cruciferous vegetable. Enjoy it as a side or plate it over rice or noodles, or zoodles for even more vegetable content. While they look similar, they are not the same vegetable. If you plan to sauté your broccolini, blanching it first will help tenderize it. In fact, if you can think of the stalks of broccolini as string beans attached to pre-chopped broccoli florets, then you’d have a more perfect understanding of the two-fold vegetable value that is broccolini.

Not only is it milder in taste than broccoli and far sweeter than broccoli rabe, but it also has a quick cook time and no roughage to peel or throw away: what you buy with broccolini is what you get to eat.

Often found in stir-fries and Asian recipes, and high in vitamin C and vitamin A, Chinese broccoli was originally introduced by the Portuguese to China, where its hardy nature allows it to grow year-round. This article will answer your questions, including what is broccolini, is it as healthy as broccoli, and what kind of vitamins are in it. While broccolini sounds Italian, it's actually rooted in Chinese cuisine. In the grocery store, broccoli rabe stalks are bundled together much like you find fresh herbs. Our final recipe is the most complex yet, with garlic, sesame seeds, soy sauce, fish sauce, red wine vinegar, and chili flakes. It has longer stalks with loose crown florets. Broccolini has a sweeter, mellower taste, milder than broccoli, while still maintaining the same anti-diabetic, anti-cancer, and anti-microbial properties that broccoli has, along with the powerful antioxidant sulforaphane. That makes it a bit quicker to cook. With a lemon and some smashed garlic, this simple recipe tastes great, as the lemon slices caramelize and take on a jam-like jellied consistency and the broccolini becomes crispy on the ends of its florets. This might be the recipe you choose first, just so you can interview this skinny vegetable and get a feel for how it cooks, tastes, and fares in your kitchen. It looks almost identical to broccoli, but is much smaller and more delicate. It's celebrated in Italian cuisine, but people everywhere can have (or grow) an appreciation for it. With that said, broccolini lacks some of the essential nutrients that traditional broccoli has. Also known as broccoli raab, rappa, rapini, Italian turnip, broccoli de rape, and fall and spring rabe, among many more names, it is distinctly not Italian sprouting broccoli, which was introduced to the United States about a century ago and is in fact the regular broccoli that today we consider our standard broccoli. Broccoli rabe is very versatile.

Compared to the bitter flavor of regular broccoli, Broccolini is more mild, with a sweet, earthy taste.

Because of its bitterness, broccoli rabe stands up well to strong flavors like soy sauce, anchovies, garlic and hard cheeses. Your email address will not be published. The flavor and texture are somewhere between the two vegetables; broccolini is sweet and mild with a tender-crisp texture if it's not overcooked. Broccolini’s cook time is shorter than that of regular broccoli, but it’s still a closer relative to broccoli as a fellow brassica family member (along with Brussels sprouts and cabbage) than broccoli rabe is to either of them.

Broccoli. A good source of dietary fiber, a single cup of broccoli also contains around 43 milligrams of calcium, 92 micrograms of vitamin K, 288 milligrams of potassium, and 81 milligrams of vitamin C. Broccoli also contains thiamine, vitamin A, riboflavin, vitamin E, vitamin B6, and folate. "I love the mix of textures; the crunchy stems and the softer florets that soak up sauce are a great combination. While Chinese broccoli and broccolini are all in the same botanical family as broccoli original, broccoli rabe (pronounced “rob”) is a member of the turnip family. Broccolini is a crunchy vegetable and tastes a little bitter. Broccolini has a mild “greens” flavor and the entire plant can be eaten. Eating broccoli contributes to your immune system, reduces cholesterol, strengthens your bones, and helps lower the risk of certain cancers. It can be … Broccolini is a cross between broccoli and Chinese broccoli (also called gai lan or Chinese kale).

And while it can be eaten raw, Broccolini is best when cooked. Broccolini vs. The only time you don’t need a good amount of fiber each day is if you’re about to go in for a medical procedure or you have an inflammatory disorder of the bowel that requires a low-fiber rest period. We’re drawing clear lines between various members of the broccoli family, explaining the health benefits of this thin, green vegetable, and suggesting some tasty recipes you can prepare right away in case you want to try broccolini for yourself. Although it is less bitter as compared to broccoli. Although it tastes very similar to broccoli and can be prepared in the same way, broccolini is usually a bit sweeter and the stalks are more tender, which means they cook faster.

Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. To tenderize broccoli rabe and cut back on its bitter edge, you can blanch it (cook it briefly in boiling water, then transfer it to an ice bath) before you cook it further. Along with vitamin A, the vitamin C content in broccolini also has properties that guard against infection, reduce inflammation, and even contribute to anti-aging efforts in the body. Indole-3-carbinol is derived from a substance known as glucobrassicin, which is found in vegetables such as kale, broccoli, collards, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, mustard greens, rutabagas, and turnips. Though broccoli and broccolini have very similar flavors, broccolini is slightly sweeter and could be compared to asparagus.

Nutritionally-speaking, broccolini and broccoli are comparable; both are a great source of vitamins A, C, and K. Broccolini was developed as a hybrid of broccoli and Chinese broccoli in Japan. Your email address will not be published. Many times, broccolini is mistaken with broccoli as broccolini have longer stems but looks similar to broccoli. The enzyme indole-3-carbinol has a hand in liver detoxification and helps to maintain hormone balance in the body. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. Here are some more details about the health attributes of this hybrid veggie. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Steam it, sauté it in olive oil, roast it as a side dish, or include it in a stir-fried main course—you can prepare broccolini any way you would normally prepare traditional broccoli, and more. Broccolini was developed as a hybrid of broccoli and Chinese broccoli in Japan. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. If all that sounds good and you’re now ready to try broccolini for dinner, here are some basic recipes to help get you started, and to show just how widely you can flavor and prepare this versatile veggie. Broccoli: What Is Broccolini? Broccolini is not some form of baby broccoli as the name might suggest. Another simple recipe, this one a sauté with garlic and olive oil that will flavor your broccolini but also soften it up for easy eating and digesting. Despite the name (or names), it tastes nothing like broccoli. A lot of the skin products and beautifiers in your bathroom cabinet contain vitamin A because of its use in protecting and maintaining skin health, for example. Is your head spinning yet? Both being cruciferous vegetables, both broccoli rabe and broccolini have plenty of nutrients to support overall good health, including vitamins C, E and K. Cruciferous vegetables contain carotenoids and glucosinolates, which may help protect our bodies from different types of cancers. Not surprisingly, broccolini works well in stir-fries but it's also great sautéed, grilled and roasted. Pictured Recipe: Broccoli Rabe with Cannellini Beans. Broccolini, Chicken Sausage & Orzo Skillet.

With butter and lemon juice, 4 quarts of water, some lemon zest, and black pepper, this recipe makes your broccolini softer than ever, and delivers it in a tasty sauce that can be easily spread over rice or prepared with tofu for a full-plated meal. Quick to prepare and memorable to eat, the Asian flare on this dish is perfect for impressing company.

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of what makes broccolini distinct from broccoli and the rest of the whole big broccoli family. This quick broccolini dish is delicious, good for you, and full of garlicky, lemony flavor." It looks a lot like Chinese broccoli—the stalks are long and lean—but instead of big leaves, it has florets more like common broccoli. Because the thin stalks are tender enough, you can cook and eat them as well, and at the same cook time rate as the florets. It looks almost identical to broccoli, but is much smaller and more delicate.


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