I usually use plain water or beef broth. However, home canning actually reduces any gamey flavor that might be there, and it helps tremendously with any tough meat cuts. We shot well and must got limit's. I know that everyone has a personal preference, a tradition that they were raised with and of course a palate that is unique to each individual. ground venison (or other meat specified above). Thanks for the recipe! It is heavy to nicely brown the meat, while the sides I personally am not a trophy hunter, but I do get a lot of meat “donations” from friends who are. Depending on what you’re planning to cook, you may want to add fat to your ground venison. Donna :-). Silver skin is tasteless and does nothing to enhance ground meat. It speeds things up, and I don't get quite so teary eyed when chopping this amount of onions. When I'm canning venison, I brown a lot of meat, so Liberally salt and pepper both sides of burger. Turn them gently and infrequently—ideally, only once. Venison is such a versatile meat for cooking, there’s no end to the recipes a creative cook can come up with, and ground venison adds even more options to the list of delicious meals that can be sourced from our favorite hunting pastime. Now place your lid on the jar and secure with a screw band. Suet can often be gotten for free, or at least at low cost, at most grocery stores that cut up their own meat. Bring meat and liquid back to a boil. believe you'd end up with chunks all stuck together. But you can also do this with deer you've taken to the butcher. There are a lot of benefits to grinding your wild game at home rather than taking it to a processor. I usually use plain water or beef broth. You may want to add slightly more moisture in the form of ketchup or barbecue sauce. Add liquid until browned meat is just about covered. Not so much to render off fat (deer meat Add salt, onion, and peppers as desired. The hand grinder does not get used very much anymore, but we still keep it, just in case we ever need it. doesn't really have that much), but more to ensure the ground meat When I brown it, You also get to make decisions about how much fat you want to add and what seasonings you want to use in your sausage. All the jars sealed, and when I opened one, it was brown the whole way through. This can be quite laborious, but something that will make it easier on the front end is freezing portions of meat destined for burger or sausage. It is as easy as you say! If I plan to make sausage, I make a big batch of ground meat and portion out a pound or two into individual bowls. If you wonder how we package our ground game meat,  we simply form a softball sized portion roughly one pound and wrap once in plastic wrap being sure to squeeze all of the air out. Stupid mistake. Plus, if done correctly, home-ground meat will have a better texture, which makes a huge difference at the dinner table. The tools we used this year: Weston Pro Series Electric Meat Grinder, Weston Stainless Steel Digital Scale and a Weston Heavy Duty Meat Lug. The amount will depend on how much meat you are canning. Cut It. For some reason, in our modern, food-obsessive world, ground meat gets a bad rap--or maybe no rap would be a better assessment. There is no doubt that deer are the most widespread and popular big game animal in the U.S. You don’t have to worry about overcooking ground meat, and you don’t have to wait hours for a slow cooker to do its magic. I say if desired because for those who need the low sodium, it is safe to leave salt out. If you're looking for the "best" deer rifle, the good news is there are a lot of very good. As you push meat through the feeding tube, have a bowl sitting in an ice bath to catch the meat and keep it chilled. We have a hand meat grinder that we used to use every year. These bags are not airtight, and your ground meat will not last as long in the freezer. The importance on temperature control has to do with smearing. A traditional activity each year was the competition between my 3 older sons (the youngest was just too little to turn the thing).


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