It has such a great melody to it. Lol. This is my favorite seether song out there. Its also quite meaningful. I have to say.

', Best song of the band seether. This song is headbanging. I think that it should be in the top ten. Guitars and drums is amazing. More than amazing.

This song is amazing. This song has a "cool feeling" to it! The lyrics are phenomenal and the emotions attached with this song makes it even more worthwhile. It just is. I love them both. I agree, this is THE best song they have and that's saying a lot...I just think it hasn't been played enough. Laugh out loud. Also you have to hear it unplugged to appreciate its brilliance. Such an awesome song from them :). This is one of the gretest songs I have heard. Can't fight the seether He was the one who got me into the song. It has more spirit to it than any other song they ever did. Can't even believe this one is so left behind, Hi, I come from Italy. IT IS AMAZING!MUST HEAR IT! I tried to rock her in my cradle, I tried to knock her out, I tried to cram her back in my mouth, yeah. I have to replay this song a time or two when it plays on my playlist.

I needed to absorb it because it touched me and stirred my emotions. Totally cool for when you just hate someone and need a quick song to listen to for venting anger. One of my favorite seethe songs. His is like a sad love song, where he is afraid of her loving him (the gift) and that he doesn't accept himself and he doesn't feel like he deserves the gift. 30 Likes, 3 Comments - Alan Hussain (@machinegunalan) on Instagram: “Lyric picture request from @loveventing Save Today - Seether #seether #savetoday…”, Seether - Words As Weapons (for finding-beautyinnegative-spaces), "Careless Whisper" performed by Seether.

It's a best song for me. What this song is the best on Holding onto Strings Better Left to Fray by far.

Amazing song that I believe is one of seether's best songs.

This song should be number one, although I think Fake It and Rise above this should be right behind it!

I tried to keep her on a short leash, This song is so optimistic and puts me in a great mood! I think it should be in the top five easily! I love seether's songs but I think this is the best, for the meaning of the song and for the music.

Plus, it has Amy Lee in it, another artist that I could listen to all day and NEVER grow tired of. And even then that's being generous to the other four, I used to love Seether when I was younger now I'm back into them!

Not just the best Seether song but one of my favorite songs period! Very good song.

This song is so moving, every time I hear it on my playlist I think to myself "Wow, my day just got a whole lot better" then after the song ends I think "I think I'll listen to this another 50 times.".

I don't profess to be a huge fan of Seether, but this song is absolutely beautiful. My Favourite's seether song xx I still don't know why its named burrito but I love it, it must be in top 3. Awesome song! Can't fight the seether Can't fight the seether This song got me listening to them in the first place. Most underrated Seether song of them all. One of the bests it should be in the top 15, 7 minutes of what is, by Seether's standards, post-grunge/alt metal perfection. this song deserves at least number fifteen its ridiculous that it wasn't on the list yet. And since the song said good god over and over.

Vote it up people, this song deserves number one!

The song is great and it could have been #1 even if there was no Amy Lee version, but I'm just breaking the truth to you all that voted because of Amy. Seether for life! Especially when I'm lonesome.

I have no idea how it got here. I tried to knock her out, This song should be up there! Can't even believe this one is so left behind. The words have real meaning and they work so well with the beautiful instruments. This song is a perfect-rock..


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