The competition is open to designers and students worldwide and it is aiming to collect original designs under the schemes of a bridge complex with merits like foresight, creativity, and implementation. Inspired by MC Escher’s incredible isometric drawings we want to collectively build HomeTown, a new virtual city. In this competition, we ask you to come up with visionary concepts for an isolation ward in a quarantine facility, to help subdue the effects of the outbreak on existing, The 33rd Space Prize for International Students of Architectural Design, Thoughts on the themeArchitecture is about creating space for human beings. Teams must be comprised of students enrolled in a graduate degree program. Gangtou” International Young Designer Competition, Central City Square of Rahovec – International Design Competition., The AIAS and American Galvanizers Association (AGA) are looking for members to share their sketches/renderings/models to showcase the use of galvanized steel in a unique way! The theme of the competition is a bridge complex. At SAS we truly believe in the power of digital tools to communicate and represent our ideas and express our creativity, so we are excited to judge an array of innovative and high quality works. Architectural Fabel Writing Competition Series is the Ninth initiative of the Architectural Journalism & Criticism Organization; India founded by architect Pappal Suneja to spread awareness about this subject and sow the seeds of inspiration to explore and write about Architecture and allied fields from a dreamer and explorer’s perspective. The Alan Davidson Foundation has launched a major £25,000 annual architecture prize focusing on the future of the home [Deadline: 1 December 2020] International Gardens Festival 2021, Quebec Quebec’s International Gardens Festival has launched an open international call for a series of CAN $25,000 installations [Deadline: 8 December 2020] ArchDaily 2008-2020. Participants have to submit a single drawing. This competition is not limited to architecture and we very much welcome those from other arts and product design industries. No, rather it strives to resemble a machine.Breakthroughs. Bridging Yongxin Old City Wenxing Bridge International Design Competition focus on “Bridging”. It can be related to any domain. The Vietnam Ricefield Lodge competition presents a space where the relationship between nature and humans can be experienced. One of the most significant assets of the nation is its unique set of diverse landscapes and the “great outdoors.” This design challenge seeks ways to encourage tourists – both domestic and international – to connect with the Saudi landscape.


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