The new arrivals put their stamp on Europe, and wiped out the goddess worship of the Copper Age in the process.

I'd had a very happy childhood. After it was obvious it was a cemetery, a temporary fence was erected. As a cold wind carries the sound of clanging metal from a nearby factory, I ask Slavchev something I’ve been wondering since we met: What happened to the society that once existed here? After Ronstadt's Hasten Down the Wind Gold began a career as a solo artist. A sign written in black marker on a piece of blue plastic reads, “God is watching from above—Don’t steal!”. That’s where the man in grave 43 and his fellow one-percenters came in. “The whole population was in good health and had a well-balanced diet. A small window lets in a bit of light and the sound of seagulls. Picking his way through the gardens, Slavchev suggests the people who built the Varna cemetery had more on their minds than subsistence.

A day after meeting Minchev, I head back to the museum. Her vision of a prehistoric feminist paradise was compelling, especially to a generation of scholars coming of age in the 1960s and '70s. Shockingly, just four graves contained three quarters of the cemetery’s gold—the Copper Age’s equivalent of the wealthiest one percent. The golden age entombed in the cemetery was brief, he says. California Do Not Sell My Info Watch the official music video for "Thank You For Being a Friend" by Andrew Gold from the album "All This And Heaven Too" Subscribe to the Rhino Channel! The newcomers were “patriarchal, stratified … mobile, and war oriented”—everything the people of the Copper Age weren’t. All the gold in the world—or at least most of it—couldn’t save them.

In a remarkable turn of events, his rendition of the song was used as the wake-up call for the Mars Pathfinder space probe in 1996.

", In the early 2010s, Gold's song "Spooky Scary Skeletons" became the subject of Halloween-related Internet memes through its popularity on 4chan's video games board.
According to radiocarbon dating, the artifacts from the cemetery are 6,500 years old, meaning they were created only a few centuries after the first migrant farmers moved into Europe. He is survived by his wife and three daughters. Archeologists believe it hung from the …

In a strange twist, a local prison supplied convict labor to help the archaeologists recover the cemetery’s gold.

But its artistic and scientific value is beyond calculation: The “Varna gold,” as it’s known among archaeologists, has upended long-held notions about prehistoric societies. Varna and its gold quickly became celebrated outside of Bulgaria.

“Varna shows something completely different,” he says. Gold played on Cher's hit 1989 album Heart of Stone and, during the early '90s, wrote and composed hits for Trisha Yearwood as well as Wynonna Judd, for whom he co-wrote the No. There’s gold everywhere—11 pounds in all, representing most of the 13 pounds that were excavated between 1972 and 1991 from a single lakeside cemetery just a few miles from where we’re standing.
Son of Ernest Gold, Oscar-winning composer of the “Exodus” soundtrack, and prominent soundtrack ghost singer Marni Nixon, Gold cut his musical teeth at West Hollywood’s Troubadour. He assumed the jewelry was copper or brass, and tossed it in the box that came with his new work boots, then shoved it under his bed. This pendant necklace of gold, carnelian, and Spondylus shell was found in a cenotaph, a grave with no human remains.

Until the invention of metallurgy, all the tools humanity had at its disposal were crafted from stone, wood, bone, antler, or clay. Keep up-to-date on: © 2020 Smithsonian Magazine. There are pendants and bracelets, flat breastplates and tiny beads, stylized bulls and a sleek headpiece. [12] The show featured Gold performing "Thank You for Being a Friend," "Final Frontier," "Bridge to Your Heart" and "Lonely Boy," as well as accompanying America and Bishop on guitar and vocals.

His long black hair, shot through with gray, is pulled back in a tight ponytail; his office on the top floor of the museum, where he serves as curator of prehistoric archaeology, is painted green and filled with books about the region’s prehistory. And why here on the shores of the Black Sea?

Vote Now! Gold's second studio album, What's Wrong With This Picture?, was released in 1976 and featured the hit single "Lonely Boy," which reached No. He also produced singles for Vince Gill, wrote and produced tracks for Celine Dion, and arranged a cover of the Everly Brothers' hit "All I Have to Do Is Dream" that was sung by stars Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen in the 1984 science-fiction film Starman. Advertising Notice In 2000, Gold compiled a Wax rarities album, House of Wax on Wax, as well as recording and releasing a new solo album The Spence Manor Suite; this last was followed in 2002 by another solo collection, Intermission. [5] He had two younger sisters. Freddie Mercury, a friend of Gold's, was an uncredited background singer.[10]. Until that morning, all the known gold artifacts from the Copper Age weighed less than a pound—combined.

After fishing a bracelet out of the bucket of his excavator, the young man gathered up a few more pieces.


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