English Vocabulary Words 50 English vocabulary is a very important part of English section. For Any Query, you can send an mail to [email protected], 500 Vocabulary Words With Meaning And Sentence Pdf / Ebook. Bizarre – weird: Who is this bizarre looking man? 2. 8. 3. To connect – to associate, to put through: I cannot connect the computer to the internet. Below are some words with synonyms and example sentences. Mean – unfriendly, unpleasant, bad- tempered, difficult: I can’t figure out what this means most, please speak a little more. Meaning; indicate. 38. Aromatic – fragrant: All this has an aromatic smell. 39. Business – commerce, trade: You’re too good for this business. Fair – just, objective, impartial, unbiased: We believe you are impartial. Hard vocabulary words flashcards with meaning, synonyms, antonyms and example sentences with PDF. 3) Butcher- (noun & verb) Hindi Meaning- कसाई, हत्या करना English Meaning- a person whose trade is cutting up meat. 35. 48. 49. Copyright © 2019. 50 Examples of Simple Sentences in English. 40. Awful- terrible: What is this awful smell? You won this game. suffer. 45. Meaning; tell. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 22. https://examplanning.com/adjective-examples-50-simple-and-easy-sentences 34. Hard vocabulary words flashcards with meaning, synonyms, antonyms and example sentences with PDF. town. 7. 5) Ragtag- (noun) Hindi Meaning- निम्न वर्ग, छिछोरे, आवारे English Meaning- disorganized in character. Kind – thoughtful, considerate, amiable, gracious: We have always known you as a kind person, I could not make sense of all this. 2020-09-02T07:36:55+05:30 By Anil | Spoken English, Written English | View Larger Image. As in any language, there are synonyms in English. Abnegation /abnɪˈɡeɪʃ(ə)n/ Renouncing a belief or doctrine. 31. Funny – humorous, comical, hilarious, hysterical: My uncle is the most funny person in the family, and when we all get together, they always make us laugh. This ebook contains 500 important vocabulary words. 23. 12. 33. with synonyms, antonyms and example sentences. Complete – total: Complete all these tests. We have more vocabulary about the language we learn, and our competence in that language increases. Recommended posts: You may also find list of 200 idioms (with meanings and examples) … Hardworking- diligent, determined, industrious, enterprising:  Maybe she was the quietest girl in our class, but more hardworking than all of us. About – approximately: I know very little about you. 42. 1) Tarnish- (noun & verb) Hindi Meaning- कलंकति करना, धब्बा, कलंक, धूमिल करना English Meaning- damage or fade something. newyork@sohu.com) Check It. As an English learner, you’ll need to tell others that English is not your first language. Here are +800 Synonym Words List in English. Candy – sweet: You are a girl like a candy. Bossy – controlling, tyrannical: You have a structure that likes to bossy. These are also called the modifier words of nouns/pronouns. Strong – stable, secure, solid, tough: We saw that he was a strong man this morning. Email: (E.g. 1. In some exceptional cases, there are some words that are different in spelling and reading, that seem synonymous, but do not replace each other, that is, there is no synonym between them. 43. 24. Confused Words in English (47) English Adjectives (20) English Grammar (124) English Idioms (51) English Prepositions (17) English Slang (5) English Verbs (12) Funny (4) IELTS (1) Linking Words & Phrases (6) Other Ways to Say… (50) Phrasal Verbs (52) Pronunciation (5) Tips for Learning English … Synonyms- knavishness, villainy, roguery, heedless, negligent Antonyms- attentive, prudent, kind, watchful, mindful Example Sentence- A ragtag group of people always tarnish society. Lucky – auspicious, fortunate: How lucky you are! This simple phrase tells people that English … Here you can find the Urdu meaning of your required word and a sentence having the word you put in the search box. So here are 50 examples of simple sentences in English… There are lots of simple sentences in English. Keep following us for more updates Daily English Vocabulary 1. show. 21. Important Vocabulary list for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, SAT, CAE and other language exams. Table of Contents Planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking country? Beautiful – attractive, pretty, lovely, stunning, Fair – just, objective, impartial, unbiased, Funny – humorous, comical, hilarious, hysterical, Happy – content, joyful, mirthful, upbeat, Hardworking- diligent, determined, industrious, enterprising, Honest – honorable, fair, sincere, trustworthy, Important – required, vital, essential, primary, significant, critical, Intelligence – smart, bright, brillant, sharp, Introverted – shy, bashful, quiet, withdrawn, Kind – thoughtful, considerate, amiable, gracious, Lazy – idle, lackadaisical, lethargic, indolent, Mean – unfriendly, unpleasant, bad- tempered, difficult, Old – antiquated, ancient, obsolete, extinct, Outgoing – friendly, sociable, warm, extroverted, Positive – optimistic, cheerful, starry- eyed, sanguine, True – genuine, factual, accurate, correct, real, Unhappy – sad, depressed, melancholy, miserable, To connect – to associate, to put through, English Instead of VERY You Can Use These Words, Musical Instruments Names, Definition and Pictures, Phrasal Verbs – CHECK, Definitions and Example Sentences, Most Important English Formal and Informal Vocabulary Examples, Adverbs of Manner List and Example Sentences, Synonyms Of However, However Synonyms Words List, Meaning and Example Sentences, Synonyms Of Friend, Friend Synonyms Words List, Meaning and Example Sentences, Opposite Of Partition, Antonyms of Partition, Meaning and Example Sentences, Opposite Of Preceding, Antonyms of Preceding, Meaning and Example Sentences, Opposite Of Support, Antonyms of Support, Meaning and Example Sentences. Positive, Comparative and Superlative Adjectives List, Learn 8 Types of Adjectives with Examples, Prepositional Phrases List (Examples & Worksheet). 44. Synonyms words are that have different spelling but have the same meanings. Theses vocabulary words entirely fruitful for spoken English learning as well as English reading and writing skills improvement. 5. Home » ebook » 500 Vocabulary Words With Meaning And Sentence Pdf / Ebook, 500 vocabulary words pdf is For all CAT, MAT, XAT, IBPS, SBI, RRB, SSC and Other Candidates and Working Professionals.


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